27 September 2015
Academic Update

This is taken last March - been practicing his multiplication table.  His maths skills are improving and can't complain, really.

The Tatapilla is really doing good at school.  He's in level 29 in reading.  

School will be back in a fortnight - he won't be able to finish it to the last day though as we're leaving for an OS trip a month before the school ends.

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It's school holidays and the Tatapilla has been staying home.  Nothing much was planned as I can't take anymore days off from work.  We're just making the most of weekends.  Even then, there are a lot of chores to do that we hardly go out.  

It's no matter with our little boy though.  He's happy to play at home with a neighbour friend.  

Last weekend though we went to an event in our area.  Watched fireworks and played around the paddocks.

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12 September 2015
Football Boots
I called them my mother's day presents for this year.  Why?  Because he got them on Mother's day.  And what did I get?  I can't even remember.  :)

And just like everything else that he owns, it's all the type.  He's been using them and taking them to school for a few weeks.  Now?  I'm not even sure where are they.  I was told, they're on the shoe rack. At least, they're at home.  

But yeah, we are planning on joining him to soccer next year.  

By the way, these are called football cleats.

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Not a Happy Week
the flu season is here and the Tatapilla was just subjected to it.  He's missed school for three days.  I have convinced him to go to school on Friday despite of the sniffles.  Share the love, I'd say. 

So while not in school, he'd been tagging along with Dad or staying home with granddad.  

He's a lot better now but still got those pesky sniffles and blocked nose.  He doesn't like taking meds which I am really okay with.  I reckon, he needs rest more than any meds.  
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05 September 2015
One evening, the Tatapilla said he has a surprise for me that I will really like.  He presented me this certificate.

The non-fiction text was about frogs, what time of animal are they, where do they live and what do they eat.  The class read a book and then they have summarise what they learned.  Kudos, my son!

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I came out of the bathroom one morning and noted that the Tatapilla had been on the ipad.  I didn't know what was he up to until I checked later on.  45 selfies.. really!

Obviously, he likes looking at himself.  Self-love isn't bad, is it?  but 45, really? :)

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29 August 2015
Happy 8th

my little man. 

This year, he only wanted a home decorated pavlova for a cake.

He got a two-car racing track for presents.  A daddy present.
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My Little Man

My little boy has grown into a little man.  

He's chosen the outfit himself.  He wanted a tie but everyone was wearing a bolo.  This wasn't a happy occasion to commemorate but I thought, his first dress-up as a little man is worth remembering.
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13 October 2014
Age Appropriate Chores
Sometimes, it is easy to just do the chores at home on my own or with MCJ. The chores get finished quickly. But I have to admit that we have to train the Tatapilla if he has a chance to live in the real world when the time comes and actually survive and flourish. It might be exaggerated but really, some kids these days don't have enough skills to survive living alone unless they have heaps of money at their disposal to buy take-aways, pay the cleaners or anybody who are willing to do it for them. Anyway, here are some tasks/chores that are appropriate for 4-7 year olds:
set the table or help set the table put away toys/things help feed pets water plants help make bed dust put laundry in hamper help put dishes in dishwasher water the garden help wipe up messes help with yard work (rake with child's rake or plant flowers, etc.) help clear table help put away groceries
My Tatapilla already does most of these chores at home. The next step for us are:
make bed water plants clean room with direction set the table clear the table dust vacuum feed pets (depends on type of pet and how your comfortable your child is interacting with the pet) help make dinner put laundry in hamper help wash the car help wash dishes help load/empty dishwasher rake leaves take out the trash
Thanks to Freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com.
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20 September 2014
My Little Pirate
My little Tatapilla is not so little anymore. This photo was taken late last year and he has grown quite a lot. I reckon the pirate outfit does not fit him anymore. In the span of three months this year, he has grown about a couple of inches. So it means clothes shopping as he has grown out of his clothes already. Oh boy!
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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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