Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

16 September 2017

Homemade Card

The hastily-made card for our anniversary. So sweet. 

14 September 2017

Lucy-Lou is missing

At 8:30 this morning, I received a call from our home phone. My first thought was, I hope this is not the Tatapilla as he will be late for school. Yet, it was him.

Mum, did you see Lucy this morning?

Yes, she did her usual tricks.  Knocked/scratched on the door when I was moving around in the bedroom and then greeted me when I opened the door.  Ran past me to the kitchen where she plopped to be scratched. Did the same thing when I was watching the news and drinking coffee.

We can't find her.

She can't be outside unless your Dad didn't see her zoom past him on his way out.

Please pass me on to Dad.

(Same conversation as above. You know, I should have recorded myself.  Lol)

In the background, we found her.

Where was she?

In the office, behind a basket.


This happened within 3 minutes.  Whew, hope he wasn't late for school.

By the way, Lucy is our overly affectionate cat and it is unusual for her to hide.  She always sleeps on the bed or on the dining chair tucked under the dining table.


03 May 2017

Brave Little Boy

We have friends over last weekend. The Tatapilla has two playmates all morning. They were very busy making paper aeroplanes. At first, they were just playing inside the house, in the lounge, dining and in the hall way. There’s enough room for the planes to soar. The adults are all outside yarning about. Towards the middle of the day, we drifted to the driveway as our friend was loading her car with stuff. And so the boys decided to play outside as well. We kept on reminding them not to be too close to the road. We are in a bit of a busy road as it is feeding off main roads on both ends. Things settled down a bit and then I was shown a big scratch on the Tatapilla’s leg. Apparently, he was chasing his paper aeroplane, got to the brick block and slipped. Imagine how painful it was! I have to play nurse. I have to say, despite how quesy I am with blood and gore but when it comes to my family, I seem to be not afflicted with it.

The Tatapilla was so brave. I applied a bit of Betadine and bandaged it. He shed a few tears but that was it. You think he deserve a musiciansfriend.com guitar picks? Or maybe the whole shebang? Something to consider for his upcoming birthday.

19 March 2016

Why the Frown?

He recently received a small tablet - one that came with our new internet and home phone package with the new provider.  I have mixed feelings about it.  It can be used for educational purposes but at the same time, he can download games and watch videos whenever he wants to, which can be excessive.  

I downloaded an e-reader for him though so he can include reading in his use of the tablet.  He's now at the stage of being able to read quietly or reading to self as he calls it.  I love reading and it is my primary use of the my ipad.  I really want to pass on my love of reading to the Tatapilla and I know he does love reading.  

This was him last night reading one of the books in Narnia series.  We loved the movies and the books.  Plus it is a classic.  I'm instilling a love for classic as well.  He likes the Little Prince already.  Do you think he deserves a Joy Jewelers fireman necklace

Hmmm, I have been limiting buying toys.  We are being overrun by them but that's another story for another day.

01 February 2016

First Day Excitement

My little Tatapilla is not little anymore, not just in size (and it’s another story).  He’s now in year 3.  How time flies. 

The night before, we tried to get him to bed early.  I was hoping for 8PM but apparently that was too ambitious.  It was around 9 or 10.  I can’t even remember now.  I was hoping for an early night for myself as I was quite shattered too. 

I was constantly checking up on him if he was asleep and on a few times, he was up.  I was told that he was very excited for the next day that he can’t sleep.  I woke up the next day and found him asleep in the lounge.  Apparently, he went there around midnight. 

He might be a bit tired on his first day but the report was it was an enjoyable day.  Did a lot of fun and reading (one of the few things he likes doing). 

Oh, he has the same teacher as last year which is really great and same friends - I am not sure if there's a musician's friend there. 


15 November 2015

His Adventure for 2015

The much awaited adventure trip fooor 2015 has commenced.  We have put-off holidays for 2015 and saving my annual leave and his absences to this trip.  It's going excellent so far.  A bit of hiccups along the way, but not too big.  We're having a ball albeit a bit tired.  

31 October 2015


The Tatapilla seldom needs help to do his homework. It's more a guidance on where to writer stuff rather than what to. If left up to him, he will write the answers to all the questions in one long big sentence.
At school, I was told that they have a reward system that if the homework is returned on or before it was due, they get points. At the end of the week, these points are being tallied-up so the student can get something from the surprise box. The surprise box contains small toys and school supplies like rubbers, pencils or fancy sharpener.
The rewards system works for a couple of weeks. The Tatapilla was prompt in doing and returning his homework. Towards the end of the third term though, I found out about a month ago that he hasn't returned his homework. I found it hidden in his toy area.
He was instructed to return it. And every night, I would ask him if he has new homework. I was told, no because the teacher has not handed them out yet. Little did I know. I found the homework case in his bag on Tuesday. And again, was told to return it. That night, I asked if he has returned and I got a prompt response of yes. Then, what really pissed me off (I seldom use this word) was finding him hiding his homework again in his toy area. I was so angry to say the least.
It's seems that we have done most if not all and falling short of escorting him to his classroom while hands in his homework, I don't know what else to do. Rewards system, we have tried but not too much of it. I am not 100% in agreement with it. I mean, it's all about responsibility. I am trying to teach my child the sense of owning his responsibility and not doing things because he is getting something out of it. Plus, it's not like I can afford something like a mini mic stand and other accessories that come with it.
He returned it yesterday though. I am not sure if it is his own volition or because his Dad went to talk to the teacher. Either way, I am just glad. It has a been a trying stage and we just muddle through. It's almost the end of the school year and we were advised that NAPLAN is on the third year second term. We have lots of things to do.

24 October 2015

Star Wars

With the coming new Star War movie, one of the free to air telly channels have been showing the star war series.  The Tatapilla is quite taken with Anakin.  On the third episode, he came to me with watery red eyes.  

"Anakin died".  Then proceeded sniffling and eventually crying.  I consoled him.  "He's my favourite".  Oh dear, more crying.  He went back to watch the telly again and found out that Ani didn't died but Padme Amidalla died instead.  "I don't likee Ani anymore".  Why, I asked.  "Because of him his wife died".  I explained that I am sure it was not his intention but it is meant to be so he can live on.  He has not changed his mind yet.  We'll see, how he'll fare with Darth Vader.


Our vet moved clinic so we went to this new one.  We were there to get Moe's scheduled vaccine.  They have cats - around four.  There are gingers and of course the grey.  Of them all, the grey was the most playful.  The three gingers were siblings we were told.  The grey was always reaching out for us while standing.  Mcj is a sucker for girl cats - must be wanting a little girl.  Lol.  

We applied for the grey which was named Mable.  There were many applicants for her.  Apparently, she was one of the favourites.  Mcj and the Tatapilla kept coming back to the vet to check if we were approved.  Eventually, after three days.. she came home to us.  

Now, she's gracing our little peaceful life with lots of chaos and mess.  When I say mess, I meant tipped rubbish bin in the ensuite.  And that is just this morning just before I left for work.  Oh well.

Australia Zoo Visit

In the Tatapilla's first year, their field trip to excursion if you may call it that was at Australia Zoo.  I went with them, not in the bus but I drove.  Funny that he didn't want to go with me.  Obviously, the bus is more fun than driving with me.  He had fun.  Me not so much.  Unfortunately, I was not prepared with a lot of walking and the warm weather. Lesson well learned.

The Christmas Present Misty
It wasn't planned.  As our routine when we are at the shops, we would drop by the pet shop to look at the animals that they have for sale.  While there, I happen to call Mcj who was at home. He asked if they have a cat.  Of course, they do.  And so it started.  

The shop attendant took our details and history about pets - our last cat was put down that year or the year before as he had cancer on the nose.  We took home Misty that day. 

Can I say, it was a fairy tale six months for us.  She was very playful and interactive.  Sadly, her life here on Earth was so full albeit short that she had a tragic end.  That's another story altogether.

About three months after Misty was taken from us, we thought we were ready for a new friend.  We did our research and our intention was to adopt from RSPCA. We checked out cats at the RSPCA centre close to our place (online) and we found one, though we were not decided that we were going to get it.  The Tatapilla and I went to the shops.  There were three cats there and of course, the Black one was the favourite.  He was convinced that, it can hide from him at the hallway because it would be a bit dark.  Mcj wanted a girl but he was not there so he didn't get his way.  I was just happy with any new friend.

11 October 2015

My Cool Dude

A trip to the library has always side trips to see things or to the playground.  There are always lots of things to see around The Hub.  This reminds me that it has been a while since we went there.  Maybe soon.

Hiya Cowboy

Look at my Zorro, a cutie Zorro if I may say.  He won best dressed in the disco at school last year.  

06 October 2015

Weekend Fun

On the last weekend of the school holiday, we went to the beach so he can have a quick swim.  He made some friends and he felt like he was a part of the family of the kids that he be-friended.  It was funny.