31 July 2007
First GP Appointment
Because we stayed in the hospital for less than 3days and the fact that Bubba's fontanelle had still a wide gap, we were advised to a see a General Practicioner within 5-10 days from discharge. And we did last July 23.

The GP had a thorough check and gave him a clean bill of health. And a very good news that Bubba had gained his birth weight just in one week after discharge from the hospital. He lost 10% of his birth weight when we were there because my colostrum was really nowhere in sight. That due to my traumatic delivery of him. We even gave him a top-up formula of 10ml 3-hourly in our first night there as he was so unsettled.

Bubba marked his territory in the GP's office when he pissed on the bed and to the doc while being checked. :)
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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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