18 August 2007
Musings of a Proud Mum
I carried him in my belly for 9 months, suffered pregnancy sickness, went into excruciating pain and had 4th level tears to deliver him in this world, had sore nipples for feeding him, woke up several times at night or worse even stay awake all night and be tied-up for more than an hour feeding at times. Despite all these that I've been through and how dependent he is to me, I know that whatever my little one is capable of doing isn't entirely because of me. For some extent, I may have contributed to his good health and his looks but most of what he is now and what he can do are from HIM and the course of nature.

But being the medium to bring him in this world and just being a "cow" for him (in the meantime), you can't take it from me to be proud and take credits for his achievements (as if he won an award.. lol).

Our Big Guy constantly gets attention from women where ever we go.. one lady had even asked if he can give him cuddles. Maybe because he's sooo tiny? Or because he has beautiful bright eyes? Or he's soo alert? One way or another.... it just warms my heart everytime people notice him. It's only been over a month and I'm already a stage mum. Shame on me. lol.

These days, I want him to be awake most of the time except late at night. He can now perfectly see things and people and he can recognize us especially me. My heart leaped when he gave us his first real smile three nights back (not the wind smile). He seem to be talking back to you when you talk to him and well, never miss to give you his soundless laugh.

For all the "firsts" that he had and will have.. I will always be the proud mum who will remember them in my heart. I may not be able to catch them in snap or record them in my diary but they will forever be stored in my heart and mind for me to dig and reminisce in the future.. or even tell him how great he was as a baby.
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12 August 2007
"Give Mummy big burpies". That's what you can often hear from me while our Big Guy is on my shoulder.

He must really burp in between feeds and after, though it would mean waking him up or disrupting his feeds. Often times, he burp right away or burp while still feeding but if not after a couple of minutes he'll get hiccups. If I put him to his bed without burping him, those nasty hickin'-ups would wake him up. I can't win.

Our little one has really a big appetite and I would say a glutton. He swallow his milk too fast and gulp some wind.

One thing I learned though that if he's thumb is inside when he's making fists, he's in pain. And a burp is a must.
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11 August 2007
100gms a week
Bubba had flying records in all his weigh-in (midwife visits and GP) except at the pediatrician in the hospital. A week prior to the pedia's appointment he weighed 2.95kg and only weighed 2.96kg then. That made me worried that he's not gaining enough weight and question if I am a reliable "cow". The GP used the manual and conventional scale while the pedia had the electronic. According to the pedia, the manual is more reliable and fool-proof but that fact didnt relieved me. The pedia suggested that I express milk in between feeds so I would produce more which we consider doing but didnt actually did.

For a week I was anxiously waiting for the next weigh-in at the GP to know how much weight did he put on for two weeks.

And so we had yesterday. Everyone was happy with the result as Bubba gained 200gms in two weeks.

Now the "cow" is not doubting her capacity.
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06 August 2007
Little Man's First Train Ride

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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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