31 October 2007
Isn't SHE Beautiful?
We went to the shop the other day. Instead of using a pram for Ian, we just left him on his capsule and prop it on top of the shopping trolley, so he was sort of like very exposed. He was wearing a white jumpsuit with blue piping and there was a yellow blanket on top of him.

While MCJ and I were busy comparing stuff, there was this woman who cooed Ian. She was kind of like talking to her daughter or MCJ saying, isn't SHE beautiful? isn't SHE gorgeous?. She stayed for about a minute and after they passed us, MCJ made a remark, she called Bubby a SHE. The woman might have overheard us that she went back and said sorry. Well, we're not really offended or whatever. Actually, we find it funny. It wasn't the first time that Ian was called a SHE and if not, people would ask what's his gender first.

The first time MIL saw Ian, she said, he was too beautiful to be a boy. She might be right as most of the time, Baby Ian is mistaken to be a girl given the boyish clothing and stuff.

With Ian's mistaken identity, I would always be reminded to buy more masculine stuff for him. :)
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18 October 2007
The Big Guy!

Baby Ian turned 3 months last Sunday! It only seems a few weeks ago when he was born. :) But with the nappies that we've changed.... it wasn't just a few weeks. lol.

He's on 5-11kgs nappy size now... means he's growing?
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17 October 2007
Bilingual Babies???
I speak Ilonggo, Tagalog and English. MCJ speaks English. We live in Down Under and talk English at home, so obviously Ian will learn and speak English. But do I want him to speak or learn a second language, Tagalog maybe? Yes, but I haven't given a thought on how or when to teach him when I was pregnant nor after giving birth.

I read him stories, recite or sing nursery rhymes in English and sometimes in Tagalog inconsistently. I really didn't have a BIG goal in mind in doing those exercises but I know my/our efforts will not be futile in the future.

Teaching kids second, third or fourth language has advantages and disadvantages:

Learning other languages alters grey matter - the area of the brain that processes information - in the same way that exercise builds muscles. What's more, the younger the adults were when the learning started, the smarter they were. Those who started when aged five and under had the highest IQs. They not only learn a second language, they also obtain "softer" skills, such as better socials skills and self-confidence.

Babies who hear two languages from birth often start speaking later than monolingual bubs. But even though might experience a few month's delay, once they start, they catch up quickly. The child can also show signs of confusion by using word from one tongue while speaking in another. This usually takes a few months to overcome, and certainly doesnt put them behind in their development.

Seems the advantages out-weighed the disadvantages, but is it really worth giving a try?

I've had a big discussion with MCJ about it, and actually.. a bit of dis-agreement, as he doesn't want me to teach Baby Ian a second language. His reason? English is already as complicated as it is. We must stick to the basic first and work our way up. Okay, so it is status quo for us. There might be a school that teaches Tagalog in the future, I'll enroll Ian there surely. lol.

But I want to share these tips in going through this exercise:
1. Whatever approach you choose to adopt, they key is to be consistent.
2. The more your child is exposed to both languages. the better the results.
3. People are more effective as teachers than CDs and DVDs.
4. One language might become dominant for a while, but that will change with time.
5. When teaching at home, adopt the dame approach for all your children.

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15 October 2007
Ian was a whingy yesterday morning... actually, we had a big drama as he was fussy while eating so to lighten him up, we both looked at the mirror and coo him. That always did the trick but that time, it didn't. He was not even looking at the mirror yet he was looking down to the magazine with a baby cover. The baby was smiling in the photo.. and Ian did exactly the same, smiled while looking at him. It was soo surprising for me. I think, it's a sign that he's ready to socialize with other babies.

I know he smiled because the baby in the photo was also smiling. From what I've read, babies will smile at you when you talk to them smiling. And you develop their social skill by doing so. So Mummy always gets a big smile from the Little Man because, I'm always smiling while looking at him.

Since, Ian had been showing some signs of liking others, I am planning of joining a Playgroup soon... maybe, when he turns 4 months.
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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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