31 October 2007

Isn't SHE Beautiful?

We went to the shop the other day. Instead of using a pram for Ian, we just left him on his capsule and prop it on top of the shopping trolley, so he was sort of like very exposed. He was wearing a white jumpsuit with blue piping and there was a yellow blanket on top of him.

While MCJ and I were busy comparing stuff, there was this woman who cooed Ian. She was kind of like talking to her daughter or MCJ saying, isn't SHE beautiful? isn't SHE gorgeous?. She stayed for about a minute and after they passed us, MCJ made a remark, she called Bubby a SHE. The woman might have overheard us that she went back and said sorry. Well, we're not really offended or whatever. Actually, we find it funny. It wasn't the first time that Ian was called a SHE and if not, people would ask what's his gender first.

The first time MIL saw Ian, she said, he was too beautiful to be a boy. She might be right as most of the time, Baby Ian is mistaken to be a girl given the boyish clothing and stuff.

With Ian's mistaken identity, I would always be reminded to buy more masculine stuff for him. :)