Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

15 September 2007

The Way!

... to Mummy's heart, that is!

Ian woke up around 2 this morning for his feed. He hasn't learnt to sleep through the night yet.

He ate for at least 30 minutes and dozed off while in my arms. Thinking that he was already in deep sleep, I decided to put him to his bed.

But the moment his back touched the mattress, he stirred and opened his eyes. He didn't cry though. I rocked his cradle and told him to go back to sleep, to which he replied with his sweetest smile.. a smile that melts Mummy's heart.

What can I do?

I picked him up, played and talked to him for a couple of minutes and topped his feed up so he'll go to sleep. And he did eventually.

He's been doing his charm to me especially when he's tired playing by himself.

I'm afraid, he has me in his fingers err.. smiles.

14 September 2007

Happy 2 Months

Ian turn 2 months today. Time really flies so fast. He's growing fast also!

But when I think the stuff that he's capable of doing and the happiness that he brought in the family, it feels like more than a couple of months.

At barely 2 months, he weighed 5.25 kg and 58cm long (as of Sep 10).

09 September 2007


One fine day, Ian had a good afternoon nap. I put him in his pram to take him for a walk.

Then, MCJ cooed him and he smiled, a lot. I tried to catch it in snap but nah!

We had a rest in the shady area and I cooed him while I'm holding the camera infront of him and it just amazed me that he's actually looking at it and smiled. Hummm... I did the trick.

I want the real thing!

I've read a lot about using dummies (pacifier) for babies and even if there are advantages, I still don't approve Ian to use one. Which was seconded by MCJ.

But there were times in the first month that we got too desperate and overtired at day time, thanks heavens it's not at sleeping time, and wished that we could have bought a dummy for him.

Then, one day Granddad bought Ian dummies and told us to just use it during desperation. lol.

At first, I tried it when he's not whiney - that's when he's full, and he just spat it out. It didn't occured to me that he doesn't like it because he might just had enough food. My purpose was just to see if he'll like it.

Then "desperation" came, I put a dummy to his mouth and again he just spit it out. And it made him more aggitated and whingy, sort of like screaming "I want the real thing!".

I didn't gave up. I still tried several times but to no avail.

We've concluded that he's not a dummy baby. lol. After all, he's not whingin' as long as he's full, has a clean bum, had burped and warm and comfy.


We've been topping up his feed in the afternoon when my milk supply was getting low for 2 days now. He was doing the same thing as what he did to his dummy, spitting it out of his mouth but after a few minutes, I reckon, he found out that there was something dripping out of the teat so he just let it stayed in his mouth but still he was not sucking it - just letting the milk drip. Just a lazy sucker. lol. That was the first day.

The second day was pleasant. He knew how to suck the teat properly and he had finished the 60ml formula and still wanting more - but we are taking the topping-up slowly so it's just one 60ml a day.

We are using the close to nature teat and it helps, as it feels like breast when he's sucking it except of course, he has to do it harder in silicon.

08 September 2007

The Biggest Showoff

Ian was the biggest show-off for a 7-week old baby.

We had visitors last Saturday, MCJ's sister, C, and her daughter, M, who wanted a baby bump soon. They came handful - presents for Mummy and baby.

Ian had just gone to asleep after a long walk when they arrived. We want him awake but didn't intentionally do. Oh well, he eventually did after being passed around.

At first, he looked around at everybody's faces and listens to the voices. When M put him lying on her legs, he showed his exercises - punching in the air, kicking and cycling. C cooed him and he showed his big dimply smiles - smiling like he was a push-button laughing machine. Much to the joy of everybody when he was facing the camera, smiling.

MCJ showed his buddha look - sitting on his legs while C took several shots and Ian was just at his best.

C was amazed at how strong he is that he can stand straight on his two legs or one at times. He also pushed himself up when he was on his buddha position.

He was so alert and entertaining. He had everybody's attention and affection.

I reckon, Ian had known at an early age the art of entertaining and how to be grateful for attention bestowed on him as well as for the goodies he gets. lol

So far, that was the longest time (2 hours) that he was awake and not whingin'.

02 September 2007

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

My proud Daddy!

He shows me off with my new stunts to Nanna and Granddad and to all our visitors.

He carries me almost all the time when we're out.

He pushes my pram whenever he can, that is almost all of the time when we're out.

He has more photos with me than Mummy.

He's my Dad and we love him!

The Boss

Some of Ian's latest photo op.
Daddy says this is my cutest photo of all. Do you agree?

I'm serious, really! Can't you see it with my big eyes?

The eyebags! Got them from Dad according to Mummy!

The fourth soprano. I'm not Spanish nor Italian... I'm filoz.. and my voice is ear-piercing. Just ask Mum. See my little dimple?