Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

28 November 2007

Family's Refreshment

It's not summer yet but it feel like it already, for more than a month now. Blame it to the degrading condition of our Mother Earth, global warming is right here but blame it first to US - the stewards of nature.

And what better refreshment you can have in a hot day? Iced cold cola? Halo-halo? Frosties? Fruit shakes? Ice cream? Nah! Ours is cooled water melon.

We bought our first water melon this season. It has been available in the shops for a month already but we didn't buy yet as it was tad dearer and it wasn't seedless. When we saw that seedless watermelon was less than a dollar a kilo, we gave it a go.

It was sweet... but not very very sweet. Maybe, watermelon in summer will be that.

I remember to eat it sliced like this when I was young. Imagine my face and nose covered with juice. lol. Those were the days.

MCJ taught me to cut it like this as it was easy to do and not messy to eat. Plus you can store the sliced watermelon in a container and keep it in the fridge ready to eat whenever you like. A good idea though.

Our Little Man had his suck of the juice. He liked it as it was cold, soothed his aching gums.

He bit a portion and I had to deep-in my finger to his mouth. Scary as he could choke himself.

25 November 2007

New Trick

The Little Man has a new trick - holding his feet. The old wives tale that I know about it is, it means the baby is wanting a sibling, bwahahaha!

Have you heard about it? :)

23 November 2007

The First Solid

Ian showed signs that he was ready for solid even before he turned 4 months. And the naughty Daddy would let him lick the spoon when we were eating ice cream which Ian loves. One time, I was eating junk food while sending him off to sleep, he was shifting his look from the packet to my mouth and to my hands. After a while, he cried because I wasn't sharing to him. Waaaaa! I have to stop eating. From then on, we are hiding when we eat junk food.

He is now four months plus and is really ready to eat solids. He can sit and with the help of his bumbo (the chair) feeding is quite easy.

I started to give him baby rice cereal two days ago - one teaspoon first and increased it the next day. He is a garbage guts, slurped down faster a teaspoon of cereal. He loves it and wouldn't let the spoon away from his mouth. If I do, he'll quickly replace it with his thumb or sometimes scream.

On the first day, the very novice Mummy took the spoon out of his hand and there was really a big screaming match. He can't be settled down until he had booby juice. Then, it happened again yesterday during his lunch. His cry sounded like he was really hurt or deprived of something. Gahibubun-ot gid.

I'm also giving him diluted diluted pear juice - pantulak. And I'm very happy as he had learned the art of drinking from the bottle. He drunk more than 100mls from the bottle for the first time.

I'm excited of the prospect of giving him other solids in the coming month.

*will take photos on the next feeding session

19 November 2007

One Sleepy Afternoon...

Ian had his nap and I did some house chores.

Despite being sooo sleepy, he still managed to cross his legs - something that he took from MCJ.

I wasn't finished with what I was doing when he woke up so I just let him know that I was nearby - he can also see me. He didn't whinge at all, rather look at what I was doing and sometimes do his exercises - kicking and punching.

Short while later, I was done and checked on him. This is what I found:

His legs dangling and it was just his little bottom stuck at the end of the bouncinette that kept him from falling.

And he thought it was funny. :) Talking of kids who can laugh at themselves.

14 November 2007

Happy 4 Months!

13 November 2007

The Big Needles

I dread the day that Ian will have his shots from the many that's lining up. First, I can't look at him getting pricked and yelping after. Then the most, running a temperature and feeling the pain of the shots. As a Mum, you can't help to feel sorry for your child plus the fact that you have limited ways on how to help lessen the pain - it really twists my heart.

Yesterday, Ian had his second dose of four vaccines (can't remember what are they). The experience was a tad better than two months ago. Yesterday, we were able to do some shopping after the visit to the GP. I gave him paracetamol after his feed then he went to sleep. He just started to whine when I was feeding him again after he woke up. But the whinging didn't last long. The family just went for a walk and then I feed him again soon after. Then he was all smiles again. I gave him another dose of paracetamol before going to sleep as he's running a temperature. We cooled him down - tapping wet cloth on his head. He had his usual night sleep but Mummy didn't.

I was sleeping like a chicken, noticing every sound he and MCJ made. I was not worried but I just wanna be awake incase he made any noise of uncomfort. Good heavens, he didn't. Still I didn't get to sleep until the wee hours in the morning.

I took his temperature this morning and it was 39 degree celcius - I know it's too high so we cooled him down again, stripped his pjs.

So far, the whinging is just the usual and his fever had gone down.

11 November 2007

My New Chair

I'm a BIG Guy now!Baby Ian loves upside down position. He can also haul himself faster digging on his heels and head. I'm more scared of him to fall off when he's lying on his back than on his tummy. So we bought this chair so he'll know which is up and which is down. Also, he wants to sit up when you're holding him especially when watching telly.

He rewarded Mum and Dad for buying him a new toy by sleeping through last Friday night from 630pm to 5am the next day. How wonderful is that? Mum and Dad enjoyed two movies and had a good sleep. But imagine how hungry he was when he woke up. :)

07 November 2007

Safe Toys?!

Toys help a lot in the development of children even at a young age. Sometimes they can be the best buddy when Mummy and Daddy are busy. They can also encourage kids to be independent early on in life.

But how sure are we that the toys we bought are safe for our kids, given that we consider the size not to choke our loved ones, the surface not to cut their skin, the weight not to burden them too much, etc?

Just yesterday or so, the Australian 2007 Toy Of The Year, includes "magic beads" containing a chemical that when swallowed converts into fantasy - a date rape drug was banned in some states here. As of today, there were three casualties in children who swallowed them. Common symptom is the victim falling commatose.

A few months ago, Mattel had to recall a Fisher - Price Chinese-made toys because they may contain excessive amounts of lead paint or had small magnets that could easily be swallowed by children.

These incidents really scare me. However you may protect your children, they still are not safe with those stuff that you buy with good intentions.

We haven't bought much toys for Baby Ian yet.... and I am very adamant to do so in the future. You can't be certain what is safe or not. Oh well, Baby Ian will just suffice with Daddy and Mummy playing with him for now. It is more educational than playing with toys. :P

06 November 2007

Updates on Baby Ian

It's been a long while that I haven't written something about our Big Guy. It's not that nothing is happening, actually he showed new tricks and stunts everyday, only that I forgot about it. Been busy in pro-blogging, doing tags and memes, I guess. :)

Anyway, these milestones are common for every baby but Baby Ian is special. Hahaha!

***He is now teething.
Three weeks ago, he had been so fussy in the afternoon until his bedtime. Just wanted to eat, to be cuddled or move around. Good thing we bought a teething gel and baby paracetamol before, they were handy in these times. I rubbed some gel to his gums and gave him paracetamol.. only then he settled down and went to sleep. Then he has this new face, biting or chewing his lower lip.. like an old man - makes his Nanna laugh. Lately, he his pushing his tongue to his lower gum and at the same time dribbling. :) I know, this is just the start. There would really be big sleepless nights when the teeth come out.

***He can now roll-over and crawl.
The first rolling over from lying on his back to his tummy by himself happened three days ago. Then while on his tummy, he crawled just a few inches. Two days prior to that, MCJ had been teaching him how to crawl, and Baby Ian found it funny because he was laughing at his Dad. Also, before rolling over, he can shift himself while on his back by arching his chest and digging his head. He can well haul himself off his bouncinette even strapped. He can't be trusted if left alone.

***He grabs and eats anything in his hands and close to his mouth.
He can well grab some things now and put in his mouth. He is still using the cradle for his bed and it he can reach both sides with his two hands at the same time and he hangs onto the bars strongly. One day, I found him sucking the bar while lying on his side. :) The problem in this milestone is, we can't find a teething ring that doesnt have rough edges or any toy that is round and wont hurt him. Most toys that we saw also have fluffy animals attached to them. Hummmm.

***He talks alot.
He cooed a lot when he was two months but these days he is sooo engaging. He talks a lot, as in really conversing with you. When he's eating and wanted to be burped or just having a break, he would look at me and smile and then "talk". He is very appreciative too. He would giggle when you pick him up or just play with him.

Hayyyy, I can talk endlessly about him but he's now awake and playing "feet-up" with his Dad - also a bit whingy. His ears might be burning. :)