Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

29 December 2007

What the Little Santa Had Been Up To?

sooo tired after delivering gifts all over the world :-)
i'm on all fours now - no need for flying deers

24 December 2007

Greetings from Oz!

Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

23 December 2007

Fish in the Water

Jens take the water like fish. The only time that I remember that he whinge on his bath was the first time he had at the hospital.

He likes the water soo much that when even when he is whiney and I ran the water in the tap, he would stop being cranky and listen to the sound of flowing water.
Look at the love handles! :)

He hasn't had a bubble bath yet as I'm still using a bath oil - he was using it since he was born.

20 December 2007

Good Boy

The manie had been good today, he had a big sleep - let Mummy finished her problogging activities and a lot more. :)

More treats tonight, maybe! :)

18 December 2007

Birds In the Sky

Birds were hanging out in our place twice a day for food. Jens and I were always sitting outside on a warm afternoon when the birds hang out and my little boy loves to watch them and the sound they make.

And look here. He was straining his neck looking up to see the birds on the cable (he looks sleepy :D).

And these are some of the birds that he was soo keen on. There were almost a dozen before I took this photo but some flew away, thinking maybe that I will shoot them. :P

16 December 2007

A Mini Baby Massage

I know that massage helps baby relax and unwind. I've been giving this treat to our little boy but I don't really know the tricks in this indulgence. I am also not consistent.

Then I read in the magazine the pluses of giving baby massages, which convince me to be religious in doing so to our Bub. I really didn't ask myself, why do I need to read it somewhere before doing so but I just realize now that I need a little push and nudge and badge to do something that I already have an idea. Sometimes, I reckon I don't trust my instinct at all. Oh well, we need assurance sometimes, aren't we? :)

I found this little tip very useful and my little boy enjoys it especially the back combing.

Using both hands, stroke top of baby's head in a circular motion. Using flat fingers, massage from brow to templates. With fingertips, massage around jaw in small circles. With flat fingers stroke chest/tummy in a heart shape.

Milk the arms one at a time, from shoulder down then gently massage hands and fingers. Massage tummy in clockwise circles. Milk legs, then massage soles of feet with your thumb. Gently rub toes. Lay baby on tummy across your thighs. Support buttocks with one hand while stroking from shoulders to bottom. Comb his back with fingertips. To finish, enjoy a cuddle.


15 December 2007

At Five Months

Time flies sooo quick, our Big Guy is now 5 months and getting bigger and heavier by the day. He doesn't ran out of tricks to make us laugh. And he's a rotten young man, he got Mummy at his beck and call.

Some of the photos taken during the month:

I love my fish

yum yum yum - i love my cereal

the bookworm

my book taste nice

first christmas gift

And speaking of gifts, MCJ one afternoon was making a mental list and I fall on the category of naughty. Hummmm, I wonder what will he give me. I really didn't want any, but it came to my mind to have an ipod especially when I see a sale one on the catalogue. But I don't really need one. Have to re-think on what I really want.

05 December 2007

Smurf in the Backyard

One warm afternoon, went out the backyard to have a breath of fresh air.
The little boy doesn't want to feel little so Mummy placed his "bumbo" on a delapidated backyard chair.
Then it started to drizzle, "hurry up inside for my beanie Mum".
"Birds are twitting, wanting their food. I look up the sky, and there they are perch on the electric cable. "
"Careful Bub that Magpie won't pluck your eyes."
Mum said, I'm too adorable that paparazzi swarmed in.

When it was time to take my beanie off, I'm already sweatin'.

01 December 2007

Baby Books

I was planning to subscribe for baby books here. I found an insert in the magazine that I bought two months ago - the store has a promo sort of like buy two get two free with days trial. It was a very attractive offer - not so dear, I reckon compared to the prices of baby books that I saw in some stores. It was two months ago when I liked the offer. I haven't made a move. I was not stalling yet I'm not in a hurry either.

Then yesterday, I was able to drop by the second hand book shop - I've been wanting to for months now, to check if there are second hand baby books available. I don't mind buying second hand books as long as they're recent series and in good condition. Look here, $6 for four books. Not bad eh!

But I'm still thinking of subscribing for some baby's first book. The offer is still standing.

I tried to read to our Big Guy this morning and I can't even finish one page. He wanted to flip the pages himself. He likes the noise that flipping and crumpling papers make. As a matter of fact, that's his new toy. :)) If he'll carry-on like this for years, we won't spend a penny for a toy! Whooppeeeee! Talking of a scrooge Mummy. lol.

New Sleeping Position

Since birth, Baby Ian used to sleep like this but recently, he had been sleeping on different positions. He would sometimes sleep on his side, ready to roll-over. Yeah, when he's alone in the room when he wakes up, tendency is to roll-over - either looking for food or he wants to play.

This was the latest. It was a funny story how did he end up in this position. See that white cloth he's holding? That's his chuck-up cloth. I reckon, he goes to sleep faster if he has that, so when I put him on his bed, I placed it across his chest while his arms were on his side. A short while later, he moved his arms up taking the cloth with them covering his face. He was fumbling and shaking his head to get rid of the cloth so I went for a rescue. He then decided to roll on his side. I had to haul MCJ from the bed to see this position and had to play paparazzo again. MCJ said, he got this sleeping position from me. :)