23 February 2008

The Careful Baby

Since Jens' know how to stand on his cot or anywhere with something he can hang on to, he often ends up toppling down. I might not like it to happen but he just wants to stand up right away when you put him down and it is inevitable not to leave him for a minute.

He had injured the right corner of his brows when he stands on the sliding door like a gecko and with nothing to hold onto, he just slipped to the floor. A cup of tears may have been wasted.

But I think, he had learnt because this morning when he was trying to reach for his toy while standing on his cot, he didn't let go of the rails rather carefully look for his way down until he was able to sit. He might have grasped the meaning of gravity. :) This is a big achievement for him as it means, no more tears eventually.