26 February 2008

New Toys for the Little Boy

Last week, I realized that it is time for Jens to have some new toys. I looked up the net to check what are the latest so we have the idea what to buy when we're at the shops. Not that there aren't any choices there, there are heaps actually.
And because of heaps selections, we ended up buying these.
the little motor bike
Daddy was too excited that he immediately assembled (still in the car) the bike when we got home and pushed Jens around the yard. Can't wait to unload our other shopping stuff. Jens legs are short for the bike so he can't push it himself.

the basic blocks

the rolling musical ball
We ended up not buying the toys that we planned on buying. But this rolling musical ball was closed to what we want.
And guess what's Jens favorite is? The container of the blocks. Typical kid. Well, at least he doesn't want to boxes and packaging, isn't it? Maybe, if I let him play with them, he will. lol.