30 March 2008
Weekend Snapshot 6
It's just too hard to capture a moment when the subject is restless and cheeky. But at long last, I had this one of Jens clapping his hands.

More WS here.
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Sky Watch 1

One cool day, the cloud was forming together to create buckets of water, so I grab my camera and took some snaps.
More SW here.
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28 March 2008
New Food, AGAIN!
Jens had tasted two new food today - paw-paw (papaya) and cauli flower. I could say he loves them. Well, he eats anything anyway, even licks the wall.

I didn't peel the pawpaw thinking of serving it to him myself but he grabbed it and put the whole slice in his mouth. So the next serve would be little slice that he can hold. It is soft so I won't be worried of him choking.

I served the cauli flower with pumpkin, btw he's a pumpkin baby. I didn't whiz them up rather just manually mashed them. It was very lumpy that he choked himself so I whizzed up the next meal.
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First Tooth Brush
We finally bought Jens his first toothbrush. They said, it should be right after the first tooth came out. He has two now.
I didn't buy toothpaste though as I reckon he doesn't need any flouride in his body at his age. We just want to form a habit for him to clean his teeth after eating. Problem though, he wants to chew it especially the handle. :D Plus, this is very handy in cleaning his tongue.
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27 March 2008
A Chain
A tag from Leah.
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I'm tagging Arlene, Mitch, and Liza.
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26 March 2008
I wish...
Tagged by Arlene. Thanks sis. Apology for taking me too long to post about this. I finally setup a photo editor last night.

My wishes are too good to be true, but hey, for once (hehehe) I want to be selfless. But then, I'm one of the "everybody" and I live in the "world" so it's not totally selfless. :D

I'd like to pass this to Eds and UtahMommy. Sisters, please use the below image for your wishes. Have fun!

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25 March 2008
Wordless Wednesday 2
More ww here.
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Weekend Snapshot 5
Jens loves watching the bird feeding at the backyard. He can stay sitting on his bumbo for long just bird watching.
More WS here.
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23 March 2008
Jens' Diet

Today, Jens had tried another vegetable, the broccoli. I mixed it with pumpkin. Instead of saying he loves it, I would say... he didn't spew it. He loves his food and he would eat anything.

So far, the veggies that he had were pumpkin, carrot, choco, beans, peas, potato, sweet potato, zuchini and broccoli. While the fruit were apple, water melon, peach, pears, banana and oranges (for juice).

I just hope, his eating habit would stay the same when he grow up. I've heard stories from parents having a hard time feeding their child with veggies or fruit. I don't wanna go there.
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22 March 2008
The Brown Bunny and Eggs
The Easter bunny and eggs that we were planning to buy were not available at the shop when we went there. That was only Maundy Thursday. So, we have to decide from more than 20 choices, AGAIN, on what to buy. Mcj told me to get the white chocolate eggs for Jens then proceeded to choose more. He also told me to get two eggs that would somehow equal to 1 kilo because that was what he wanted but no longer available. I thought those two eggs were for Jens so I put back the white chocolate egg. We picked a bunny and headed off to the counter. When we got home, Mcj asked me where the white chocolate egg was. I told him that I put it back. Duh! He wanted it for Jens because it was milder. Grrr.. what will Jens do with all the other chocolates.

Anyway... the next day, Jens couldn't wipe the smile on his face seeing the bunny and eggs so we opened them up for photo op and for him to eat.

He was more interested with the packaging than the "brown".

I didn't let him eat a lot. He'll just have some bites every after meal. I reckon it would last a couple of months before he can eat the whole brown bunny.
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20 March 2008
To all My Friends

And some facts that you might be interested.

Why do we eat chocolate at Easter?
In the ecclesiastical calendar, Easter comes at the end of Lenten fast (supposedly in memory of the time Jesus spends in seclusion before his entry into Jerusalem at the beginning of the Easter story. Therefore, Lent was traditionally (and for the orthodox and Catholic churches still) a period in which a devout follower "gives up" especially rich or animal foods for Lent such as eggs, milk, cheeses and certainly chocolate had it existed in medieval Europe. Mardi Gras (or fat Tuesday) was the last day of partying and feasting before Ash Wednesday the beginning of lent. Consequently on Easter all the rich foods that had been given up for Lent, were used to make special dishes and gifts. Orthodox Christians still follow this tradition giving up eggs and cream for lent, and on Easter making presents of rich Easter cakes. Chocolate as a luxury item, became associated with the gift-giving of the season. The reason for the eggs and rabbits was well -explained in the previous answer. Around this time of year, many chocolate companies run short blurbs on the actual history of chocolate eggs (in terms of marketing).

Why do we eat hot cross buns on Easter?
These cakes were marked by the Saxons to honor Eastre, the fertility goddess. The crosses on the buns are said to represent the moon's quarters, while Christians see the cross as a reference to the Crucifixion.

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The Favourite Toys
I often hear that kids love the packages of the toys more than the toys. In Jens case, he loves rubbish more than his toys or anything that crackles. I haven't let him play with the boxes of his toys as I am saving them for when we need to put away the toys.

Look at the toys that he loves playing with.
the mail envelope

the biscuit tray

the salad container

If he'll stay like this, we could save heaps of money for not buying toys at all. Just throw pans, plates, papers or any plastic container and he'll have more fun with them. :)
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17 March 2008
Weekend Snapshots 4

We had our first pillow fight as a family last Saturday. After watching the movie, The Prince and Me for the nth times, Mcj started throwing pillows at me and Jens started laughing. Then Mcj threw pillows at him too and for him it was very funny - laughing and giggling every time the pillow hit him. He was buried under the pillows and he didn't cry.

More WS here.
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13 March 2008
Got this little angel from Lhen. Thanks sistah!

I'm passing on the love and friendship to Arlene, Mich, Chat and Raquel.
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12 March 2008
Wordless Wednesday 1

Check out more WW participants here.
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He said...





ohhhh. ahhhh.

plus all the screamings.

He'll be 8 months two days from now.
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09 March 2008
Weekend Snapshots 3
We didn't went out this weekend nor did I capture some moments so I'm posting some photos from two weekends ago. We went to the shop to have Jens' passport photo taken and his Dad would let him try each and every ride we passed by and he loved it. Seems like we are honing an expensive habit on him - going to the circuses and trying all the rides. :)

We had fun!

Check out more WS here.

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Eight Random Things and a Smile
I was tagged in my other blog about this and thought of posting it here too!
  1. Jens hasn't learned to suck dummies (pacifier) or feed from a bottle.

  2. He is very ticklish (gets that from me), hence it's not hard to make him giggle.

  3. He loves water especially now that he can splash.

  4. He is a happy and very independent bub. Can play on his own longer than half an hour - for a little bub I reckon it's a big achievement.

  5. He can sit, crawl, pull himself up and cruise on his cot and any furniture before he turned seven months.

  6. He has big feet (is now on size 3 shoes). Everyone reckons he could be a good swimmer.

  7. His first tooth came out before he turned seven months. He got two now.

  8. I thought I'll give birth on Friday the 13th but he waited 56 minutes before coming out, so he won't get spooked. :)

And I was tagged by Mich to post Jens' cutest smile.

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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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