22 March 2008

The Brown Bunny and Eggs

The Easter bunny and eggs that we were planning to buy were not available at the shop when we went there. That was only Maundy Thursday. So, we have to decide from more than 20 choices, AGAIN, on what to buy. Mcj told me to get the white chocolate eggs for Jens then proceeded to choose more. He also told me to get two eggs that would somehow equal to 1 kilo because that was what he wanted but no longer available. I thought those two eggs were for Jens so I put back the white chocolate egg. We picked a bunny and headed off to the counter. When we got home, Mcj asked me where the white chocolate egg was. I told him that I put it back. Duh! He wanted it for Jens because it was milder. Grrr.. what will Jens do with all the other chocolates.

Anyway... the next day, Jens couldn't wipe the smile on his face seeing the bunny and eggs so we opened them up for photo op and for him to eat.

He was more interested with the packaging than the "brown".

I didn't let him eat a lot. He'll just have some bites every after meal. I reckon it would last a couple of months before he can eat the whole brown bunny.


Mich said...

awww, that brown bunny looks yummy!

Princess of CJ said...

@mich, yummy indeed. tsokolit eh! :)

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