26 March 2008

I wish...

Tagged by Arlene. Thanks sis. Apology for taking me too long to post about this. I finally setup a photo editor last night.

My wishes are too good to be true, but hey, for once (hehehe) I want to be selfless. But then, I'm one of the "everybody" and I live in the "world" so it's not totally selfless. :D

I'd like to pass this to Eds and UtahMommy. Sisters, please use the below image for your wishes. Have fun!


Sunshine4Life said...

hi sis. thanks for playign this game but honestly, i can't see any image.

hope week-enndwill be nice for u, mcj and jen.

sis, am at work now but real real sleepy. my eyes are dropping down. hahaha