28 March 2008

New Food, AGAIN!

Jens had tasted two new food today - paw-paw (papaya) and cauli flower. I could say he loves them. Well, he eats anything anyway, even licks the wall.

I didn't peel the pawpaw thinking of serving it to him myself but he grabbed it and put the whole slice in his mouth. So the next serve would be little slice that he can hold. It is soft so I won't be worried of him choking.

I served the cauli flower with pumpkin, btw he's a pumpkin baby. I didn't whiz them up rather just manually mashed them. It was very lumpy that he choked himself so I whizzed up the next meal.


Mich said...

awww jens is getting cuter everyday!! its good that he loves to eat fruits and veggies! way to go mom! ;)

Tatapilla said...

yes, mich. im thankful jens loves to eat anything. kahit nga di food eh. hehehe.