30 March 2008

Sky Watch 1

One cool day, the cloud was forming together to create buckets of water, so I grab my camera and took some snaps.
More SW here.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello there Tatapilla
A warm welcome to Sky Watch... a bit late but never mind you joined in and you are most welcome.

Two beautifil pictures showing very impressive clouds.

Thank you for joining in.. I post the link each week on Thursday evening at 20.00 hours GMT.. if you are joining along again please put your name and link on each week. I hope two see you again next week


Liza said...

beautiful shots! thanks for dropping by and i'm sorry kung naghang pc mo. i'm really having problems with those pop-ups. dami ko nang widgets na inalis pero ganun pa rin. kung di lang ako nanghihinayang sa pr balak ko i-own domain na lang sya eh.

regards and take care sis.

Lut said...

Thanks for the hopped girl and here I am checking what's new here. Take care and God Bless always.

The sky is gorgeous.

quintarantino said...

Most welcome to you!
Great photos.

Princess of CJ said...

@tom, saw the SK in one of my friends' blog andthought of joining in. thanks for the warm welcome. :)

@liza, sis actually it was the blog with your own domain ang may pop-up. :) but its alright, ill visit you pa rin kahit may pop-ups. hehehe.

@lut, thanks girl!

@quintarantino, i love quintin tarantino flicks. :) thanks for the warm welcome, btw.



Two most beautiful shots!

The sky is marvelous!

Luiz (from Brazil)

Sunshine4Life said...

Hi sis,

nice shots! i love blue skies and cloudy skies too. i guess we have similar entry (as first timers) hahaha.

btw, love ur new color too. But i think blue suits jen better. he's a boy eh.

thanks for visiting my sites, sis even while i was away. :)

take care and love to Jen.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Hello and welcome,
I love the sky watch you posted, beautiful clouds.
Hope to see more of you shots next week

Princess of CJ said...

@luiz, thanks. :)

@arlene, sis Mcj wants green. so i gave in. hehehe.

hi to dimple. :)

@lilli, thanks. the sky always amazes us. :