30 March 2008

Weekend Snapshot 6

It's just too hard to capture a moment when the subject is restless and cheeky. But at long last, I had this one of Jens clapping his hands.

More WS here.


SandyCarlson said...

Joy, joy, joy!

janu-jenn said...

such a cute boy! it's great you got to take a picture of him clapping!

My WS is now up, too: http://janu-jenn.blogspot.com/2008/03/ws-sunrise-peeking.html

strawberrygurl said...

one happy kid! :)

tin :)


Serenity said...

What an adorable little guy!

Sunshine4Life said...

he is so cute and bubbly, sis.

btw, where do you get your colored frames. i love it. would u mind teaching me how.

i love your current template here too. spring color. :D