30 April 2008

Big Decision (Education)

I'm planning to go back to work in the future. It's a big decision as a family because I really want to be hands on to Jens especially on his early years of education. I want to be the one to take him to school (and pick him up as well), to prepare his lunches and all other meals, and most importantly, to teach him in his homework and lessons. I guess, if we want to be ahead financially, we have to make little and big sacrifices. Instead of personally teaching Jens, I might consider Tutoring him.

Talking of tutor, there are several options on the internet. Some offers correspondence education, per subject tutors, in-house schooling and tutors for kids with special needs. Classic example is Club Z, their program aids students to learn productive study skills and eventually reach their potential. It serves all ages, from kindie to adult. It's service is available worldwide.