10 April 2008


When things were on the hype side and the family business was new, we had it listed in the business directory. Well, that's as far as I know. And recently, approximately a couple of years back we stopped paying for the listing. Why? Because the first business was trading not entirely on what it was listed before rather on a limited range and it had been existing for more than 27 years. Plus, it is listed on another trading community. We still get calls and customers, so it wasn't a big loss for not being listed in the popular listing sites and directory.

Anyway, one of the benefits brought about by the wild wild web is the business web directory. Yes, some offer a free listing. No cash outlays like we used to, to have the business details listed and known to the public in a more profound way. Plus getting listed is quick (in 24 hours) as long as your website meets the requirements.

What's the catch you say? I can't see any catch rather a benefit as, if you're trading online and wants to be visible, being listed in directories increase your page rank. This is free advertising. I think, I might try to enlist some of my pages. Let's see if I get approved. :)