06 April 2008

Food First Before Sleep

Our little boy hasn't learned to sleep through the night yet. Normally, he would wake up between midnight and 3AM. What for? Food.

Yes, Jens still wakes up at night to eat despite him eating solids for dinner and more milk. He is just the type of bub who doesn't go to sleep with a tummy half full nor go back to sleep when waken up with the same tummy condition.

I would love him to sleep through the night so I can sleep un-interrupted but I don't mind waking up to feed him as he doesn't create a fuss. of course, he would cry or make noise to let us know that he is awake and then would just dose off while eating.

He is still breastfeeding up to now. We don't see the need to wean him despite the fact that he got 2 teeth already. He had tried to bite me several times, but they were just playfull use of teeth.