24 April 2008

Hot Men!

I love this tag from Mich. I remember that I did this tag before but I don't mind doing it (actually I love doing it again) as I can't remember my old post. :)

These are the men that I like (not necessarily hot) apart from Mcj:

1. Nicolas Cage
I like the way he talks on his movies. I first saw him in Face Off, though he was the bad guy there, for me he was the good guy because of the swapping of the face. :)

2. Luke Wilson
I can't even remember the movie that I first saw him but I remember that I used to have his photo framed in the office when I was working. :)

3. Eric Bana
I like Troy because of him and Peter O. He's a good family man in real life and very down to earth - all the more reason that I like him.

I could say more - George Clooney, Wentworth Miller, Sean Connery (when he was young), Victor Neri, etc.

Lucky that my favorite stars are not known to be addicted in any substance that I know of or I would really be devastated. Well, as fans we only know what the press is saying. Stars live life away from the camera, also. But I think, if the news is as big as being seen in the Southern California rehab or any alcohol rehab for Marijuana Addiction Treatment or of any substance, it wouldn't be long for that hot news to hit the fan.


Levi said...

Please do not post this comment. I noticed the blog for "hot men" has a link for "southern california" I believe you may want to change it to "southern california rehab"