03 April 2008

New Food: Grapes

Jens finally had a whole green grape. That's because we bought the long overdue fresh food feeder.

I had given him peeled and diced grapes so he can chew the little bits or so I thought. It turned out though that he was just stocking up the bits and pieces inside his mouth and not swallowing them. But he looked like chewing them. He just might have been sucking them or something like that. So I stopped giving him at all.

The fresh good feeder is a good invention for giving fresh fruit and veggies to babies. Though according to MIL, it is the most un-hygeinic thing to stick in babies mouth as the mesh is cloth and has a tendency to breed bacteria. Well, that is if it is left moist or unwashed with food for a long time.

Jens didn't like the green grapes though so I might just be able to use the feeder with watermelon.


Mich said...

naku Alex loves grapes she just discovered it months ago. now she wants to eat it every meal. I'm sure Jens will like it someday when he is older :)

thanks for the greetings ha! ;)

Princess of CJ said...

@ mich, i hope he will. maybe i should try the red grapes because green are sometimes sour. :)

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Lutch said...

natuwa ako sa mga faces ng grapes...thanks for the hopped girl.