16 April 2008

New Food: Rock Melon

We were looking for pawpaw but we only saw the whole fruit. We just want half for our little boy. We saw the rock melon instead so Mcj said, we'll try it to Jens.
While I was slicing it, I was also having some and shared little bites to Jens and he loves it. It was sweet plus was also chilled. Yum.

I vitamised what was left and gave him some for dessert yesterday. You can see the difference when he likes his food. His dinner was pumpkin, beans and broccoli; and you need to battle with other distraction before you can put the spoon in his mouth (though he loves his food). But with rock melon, he was actually waiting for the spoon to land in his mouth.
I am happy that he loves it. It might always be on our shopping list.


Liza said...

my kids love melons too, and now that melons are in season i buy lots of them.

have a great thursday sis!

liza of a simple life

Princess of CJ said...

the melons are very nice esp if they are chilled, sis.

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idealpinkrose said...

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