29 April 2008

Play Group 4

Today's attendance in playgroup was the same with last week. There were just three of us that turned up. But with all the kids playing in the playground, it was crowded and fun.

Jens had a great time. At first, he was well-behaved, just sitting flipping the pages of the book and eating a biscuit. But when the inflatable toy was put up, he wanted to play in it and just mess up with the balls. He was a big show-off - standing up without holding on to anything. He chased birds and ate a leaf. Yes, a leaf. I was giving him rock melon and I wonder why it took him so long to chew a piece, then he opened his mouth and I had a glimpsed of it. He is really cheeky.

One little girl wanted to lift him up but Jens pushed her. Jens can really be rough sometimes. :)

Did I tell you that he loves swinging? I can swing him faster and he won't mind. He knows to hang on tight the minute that I put him onto it.

It was cold but with all the noises of the kids playing around, it sure was a warm day. :)


Mich said...

awwwww, he can hang on to the swing already!?!? wow! you should be a proud mama! :)

haaaay, eto im feeling better everyday but still got this "evening" sickness every now and then. 2 more wks then i'm done with my first tri.

hope things are well. di pa ba susundan si Jens? hehehe. thanks for the visit ha!

Princess of CJ said...

hi mich! yeah, he hangs onto anything if need be. we trained him young when we bought him a bike when he was 7months and everytime we pushed him around, "hang on" was on everybody's lips. hehehe.

hope you'll get over the "pregnancy sickness" soon. i had mine for 9 months. hehehe.

i'm not over yet with my delivery experience with jens kaya matagal pa siguro ang kasunod. hehehe.