15 April 2008

Playgroup 2

Tuesday 9 - 11AM. That's the time of our playgroup but because it's just an informal meeting of Mums and babies, it's alright to be late. And so we were late. :)

Yesterday, the coordinator K was there so I was able to fill-out the playgroup form and I would receive the card in the mail soon, which I can also use to go to the toy library in our area. That's good. For nothing.

The group has toys and one of the Mums brought her own, so the kids were able to play on the sand. Oh, there were blankets though.

I was really happy with Jens attitude because he was not shy. He mingled right away. He was soo engrosed with all the toys and even snatched some from the other kids. :) But from time to time, he attempted to mouth a handful of sand. He loves dried leaves - would pick them up always and put straight to his mouth. He was also able to play on a plastic tunnel. I put him at one end and coaxed him to crawl to the other end. I was there waiting. At first, he was slow but seeing the birds on the other end, he made it way quick. So, it wasn't Mummy who's interested in but the birds. :)

It was a fun and tiring day for both of us. We dozed of for more than an hour right when we got home. :)