01 May 2008

Being Parents

Funny how things turn around when you have kids. You put the needs/wants of your little one ahead of yours. I've heard this from my friends who are Mums and Dads but when the experience hit me firsthand, I was overwhelmed and I felt proud of myself. "Now I know", was what I can only say.

We went to the shop today to pick-up some stuff for my mother-in-law after dropping off my father-in-law in the hospital for his check-up. We don't know how much time do we have until we pick-up again FIL so we were in haste. We would only look for the stuff that we came to the store for. But outside the shop there were books displayed so while I was paying at the counter, Mcj and Jens browsed. He had three books in his hands but I reckon, they were dear so I chose another one and paid for it in the self-serve check-out (my first time). You see, we've been saving my loose change (especially the $2) for the rides but we used them up for the book. Normally, we don't hang around more after shopping but because of our little boy... we get to see other stuff and eventually buy them. :)