05 May 2008

The Big Mischief

Mcj's uncle is at the hospital for some heart trouble. We went to visit him this evening. We chanced upon him on the visiting lounge so we just stayed there to talk. There were just us so it was really nice for Jens as he can play without distructing anybody. The minute Mcj put him down, he wandered around right away - crabwalking on the table, reaching for the magazines, climbing onto furnitures. One of us, had to really focus on him lest he would be into some mischief. He tried to eat his shoes, took his socks off and chewed on them, wanted to tear the magazines apart, pulled the leaves on the artificial plant, crawled his way to the rubbish bin, and so many cheeky things that I can't remember anymore. He was just full of beans. I rummaged in my bag to look for anything that will interest him but only found hanky, hand towel, my purse (which I couldn't give to him), one of my pens (not the logo pens), and some dockets. Not so interesting things that he just threw away. Good thing is we just stayed there for less than an hour or he would have done more mischief or tire us out from chasing him. He was really tired when we left home but he was able to do all those stunts. I wonder where he gets his energy. :)