17 May 2008

Bird Chaser

We went out yesterday to do some errand. Restos and foodcourts were packed with people at lunch time so we had take-away lunch at the park. The weather was very nice - warm.

There were lots of birds scouring around for food. This is Jens crawling towards the bird. We just let him crawl away as far as he can towards the bird. He stopped though when he saw the purse of that lady in black. I have to hurrily chase him.

A group of Asian teens was sitting close to us and when they left, these birds came to the rescue for some crumbs and bits and pieces. Jens chased them away.


SandyCarlson said...

What a brave little bird chaser!

RoseLLe said...

i love parks too...i'd let my kids run like your crawling little chaser.


Sunshine4Life said...

hi sis, he is getting big na jud. one day u will just find him runningaround that park. hey, winter is over na? that is nice!

btw, nice hearder. how do u make them? thru scrapping or buying them online? sana merong mura na header for sale jan para naman i can have a nice header too. hehehee

Eds said...

how cutee! he loves birds noh? :)