13 May 2008

Busy Schedule

My permanent resident visa was just granted. I should be planning for our trip back to the Philippines soon but there are hold-ups. First, Jens hasnt got a passport yet. We are big procrastinators. We've been preparing it since he got his birth certificate but being procrastinators, we always just plan on doing so. One of these days, I will book an appointment to apply for it. Second, Mcj got an appointment for his major dental work (this I wouldn't have to worry about the best weight loss pills as I'm pretty sure he'll lose weight then) on August. Sure we can go before August but June is also the end of financial year here and Mcj is incharge of the books. That's the reason why he didn't set his dental appointment in June. I want to spend a month or more in the Philippines and I wouldn't settle for anything less nor I would like us to feel pressure during the trip. Then, there's the impending plantation of seedlings which I don't know when but most probably between July and September. I couldn't win. I

I wish though that we can go on December as it the best time of the year to spend vacation in the Philippines. I miss Christmas and New Year back home. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. Nonetheless, I would be happy to just go back there anytime. :)