06 May 2008

Daddy's Dental Work

The Daddy is scheduled for a major dental work this month. Should be ASAP. He had his first dental appointment more than a month ago and the dental impression two weeks ago but because there is only one dentist that perform dental surgery with general anaesthetics in the clinic that he was booked in, it will take more than two months for the entire works to finish. Now you know, how short our area is of skilled medical professionals. Calling nurses, dentists, doctors, etc. etc. etc. :)

Since, the appointments are all set, our main concern now is the finances. Whether we have pennies in our pocket or bank accounts or not, this should be done. No question about that. We have medical insurance (it's not a medigap) but we're not sure that it will cover the cost. Our monthly premium eats up a big chunk of our bank account but we're only covered of the extras. As far as I know and after reading the booklet,it doesn't include hospital cover (this calls for a review of the board.hehehe). Oh well, whatever it is, it is.