17 May 2008

Forming Habits

We know that habits are easy to form. Just drum the traits into the child consistently always and at a younger age.

I bought Jens his first toothbrush when he was 7 months old. I am not consistent in brushing his teeth, I confess. But Jens loves doing it. It is just one thing that Mummy doesn't mind when he puts in his mouth. :)

It's enjoying the little things in life that counts. He investigates everything so I let him wander off in the kitchen even sometimes when the floor hasn't been washed for days. We let him crawl in the park chasing birds and picking up leaves rubbish sometimes. He had a great time playing on the floor of the baby room in the mall. And at the end if these, we washed his hands directly under the tap (faucet for you in RP). And he loves it, the water actually is the lure. Of course, the same goes before eating. I know that he will remember to do it when he is on his own.

Next thing that we have in mind is toilet training him. We've planned in doing so three months ago but we forgot to buy a potty whenever when we were at the mall. :) But we'll come around and do it.