01 May 2008

Gear for Winter

It has been very cold for two days now - really cold that I now have three layers of clothes and I wore cardigans at day time. Cardigans are just what I need, as well as knitted tops, fleece jackets and any cuddly-material-made clothing. If I am working, I would really need boots. I used to have a pair back in RP but I gave them away as I reckon I won't be needing them here. If I only I had thought of winter.

I've been looking up the internet for styles that I would like, and checking the junk mails (shop catalogue) - just in case, I would really be needing one. Not just for me but for Mcj as well. I think the lofty Lucchese boots would do him up. While my little boy would do with his (still new) shoes and long socks for now. :)