08 May 2008

I Heart

Walking while pushing the pram twice a day almost each day is enough exercise for me. Sometimes, when we go too far.. it was soo tiring that I slept after the session. But there is this fitness equipment advertised on telly that I want to buy. I just want to enhance some part of my body that I reckon I lack. Now, I'm really talking like a vain lass which I am not. It is mentioned in the commercial where you can buy the equipment and I also saw it in many shop catalogues. One day, I'll get around and look at it in the shop and let's see if I still want to buy it.

Anyway, with the increasing trend of skinny population and with the need to lose weight for some people, apart from the sprouting of diet regimes and pills here and there, fitness equipments have been on their boom. Peakbody is among the companies that supplies fitness equipment to the trade retailers and end users like the gyms and fitness centers. It offers not just equipment (in different brands) but nutritional products as well.