22 May 2008

Inspector Jens

Our Little Boy is learning at the rate of knots. When on the floor he has routines and remembers everything that he can get into any mischief. We've childproof the house as much as we can but however we may have, there are stuff that we thought he can't access or is not within his reach, yet he still try all his might (on tippy-toes and various positions) so he can get into it.

Lately, he found out how to open another lower cupboard where all the microwavable dishes are kept. I just heard one day the glass dishes thumping on the floor. Now, the knob of the cupboards are tied with rubberbands. And since it is elastic, Jens still tried to open them.

We call him the inspector or detective. He can pick-up the littlest of stuff on the floor and can put hi fingers in the littlest gap there is. I'll just wait for him to put on exam gloves one day and scour the cupboard where the onions and potatoes or where all the cleaning materials are kept.

We're running out of rubberbands, might as well add it in our shopping list.