07 May 2008

It Counts

On our way home from the park, Mcj said the petrol light on the car was on. I told him to fill-up on the petrol station on the next block. But the sight outside the station was really outrageous. The price of leaded fuel was wayyyy up. Much higher than the un-leaded when it fact, leaded goes through not much processing (and it means less expenses for the company). Mcj couldn't justify this to himself. So, we didn't fill up. I reckon, we'll wait for a few more days. The fuel prices are fluctuating everyday.

I don't know if the news of the holding of the interest rate of Reserve Bank of Australia, would do good on the prices of fuel. It will surely do good to the home buyers. No more interest hike from the mortgage lenders in the near future. But, according to the news.. it wouldn't be long until RBA would annouce another rate hike. For now, I will be watching out for the fuel prices to go down and we'll dash to the petrol station with our discount voucher. Every penny that we save counts, you know. :)