06 May 2008

Jens' Asset

The little boy has more money on his name than his Mum. He receives some money from the government every fortnight. Mcj put it in our savings maximizer account to earn interest (we didn't open an account in the name of Jens as below 18 year old account holder pays taxes on interest). As a matter of fact, Daddy and Mummy owe him his entire baby bonus. We used it to pay for Mummy's maternity hospital bill. Well, he wouldn't be here without the bill anyway. :) But we mean to pay it back to him.

I reckon, when he gets on the right age he could just invest his money and that might be his source of living. He could employ his dad as a broker instead of hiring a futures broker. That's a long way to go, I know. Meantime, Daddy has to work hard to puff-up the account first.