01 May 2008

The Little Mischief

The little boy has proved to be a very curious and investigative mischief. Why, when you put him on the floor, he would visit every nook and corner of the house, and every room too including the bath and toilet. He would pull every bits and pieces of papers, plastic or just anything hanging on the shelves. We made the house as child-proof as much as possible but we couldn't do more with the open shelves unless we replace them or maybe buy some stuff like that of speaker mount so everything would be out of reach of the little bugger. :) But I reckon, he would soon be over with the investigative stage yet, I am also scared of the toddler phase. Mcj one night said, Mummies always wish that their kids will stay as a baby so there wont be too much worry. Oh well, we always have a bit of everything, aren't we?