25 May 2008

Mummy, The Driver?

Whenever we're out, I'm always window-shopping for the car that I want for myself. I'm in the look for a small car but I don't like the hatch where the back passenger has to come in through the front seat. Mcj reckon, why do I still think like a passenger when it will be my own car. Yes, I am indeed thinking the convenience of my passenger. He said, who will go with you? You can't even steer a pram. lol. Well, let's see about that. I still don't know how to drive anyway so there's no sense of driving my point when I don't have any. :)

I am thinking, I should start to study theoretically now and maybe, we should buy an old car first for me to practice. That way, we won't cry our heart out incase I bump it into something. Probably, by the time that I get my L or P license, the government had already imposed the new ruling of attaching a GPS (more like gps fleet tracking) to those type of license holders so they can be easily tracked when accident happens. Or maybe, I would still be a passenger by then. :)