07 May 2008

New Food: Avocado and Pear

As much as possible, I don't give the Little Boy any processed food. I already cut-out the fruit juice. His grandma reckons, that made him hyper.
The process food that he has now are his biscuits which he only eats if there's no fruit available for snacks, and his cereal which I mixed with veggies and it is his breakfast.
Hi main meal are mainly mixed steam veggies. Snacks would be fruit. I really dedicate time to prepare them - peel, dice and store them properly except for banana.
This week he had pear and avocado. He didn't show any sign that he doesn't like them so it's all positive sign. Well, he eats anything anyway... even sand, paper, leaves. :)

I sliced the pear and because they were soft, it was easy enough for him to chew. No sign of choking whatsoever.
I gave him the avocado, plain and he sort of gagged. So, I tried to gave him my mix (avocado with sugar) and he liked it. That was his dinner today.
I am really happy that Jens eats everything that I offered him. I just hope he would remain this way until toddler stage. Or even until he's a teenager and so on. That way, he won't have any weight problem and using pills like Phentermine is not even slightly considered.