31 May 2008

Nothing is Free

The Mummy is on a ranting mode.

Recently, Mcj entered into a new contract to the telephone company to streamline all our phonelines - the landline, fax and broadband connection - into one bill and will create us some savings. And it's been more than two months and everytime the bills come through, I can still hear Mcj complain that we still receive separate bills plus overbillings. Reporting the case doens't come easy. The phone would just be off the hook for being tied up in a queueing program and be put on hold.

I guess, there's really no such thing as free (except for really deemed freebies). You have to work your butt off for any penny that may come your way.

Good thing, for our other computer needs (like computer memory), our trusted friend comes into the picture. We know that we're getting the best at a good price.

I hope there will be no more long phone calls of the same matter next month.