14 May 2008

On Personal Loans

Last night the government (Labor Party) release its budget after more than 10 years. It focuses more on the working family as promised during the election campaign. Some notable points (for me that is) are the increase of baby bonus to 5k but it will be means tested come 2009. It means, those that are well-off will not receive it. Plus, it will be given every fortnight not one off. Then, there's the big billion for education in all levels, plus the health and infrastracture and so on. It was said that budget should slightly reduces inflation pressure. Well, some says that remains to be seen. But for now, interest rate is on its record high. That's really big pressure to the working family whether you're house is on mortgage or you are renting. Some even lost their home because they can't afford to pay the mortgage. This is the time when Personal Loans that are easy to come by come in handy. One example is the personalloansmania which doesn't require collateral for the loan. I'm sure there are companies such as this in your area.