13 May 2008

Playgroup 6

Today's playgroup was no different than the previous except that Jens made another boy cry. The boy(H) was standing on the sand pit with his hands holding onto the bench and Jens wanted to go there also, so I let him. He was on the other end but came closer to H, and started to hold onto H sleeve. I've been catching his hand as he might pull H. Then, all of a sudden he point his finger straight to H eye. He really didn't poke it, just touched on the lid but you know kids. Even Jens would cry if threathened. :)

Also, Jens managed to pass through the tunnel even when T was on the way unlike last week that he cried when he got stuck.

My little boy is very independent. He found his own toy and amused himself. He pushed the tunnel away from us. Then sat down to munch some tree branch. Lol.
As usual Jens had sooo much fun.