04 May 2008

Shopping for Bed

I like browsing through a furniture catalogue (there was one that came in the junk mail yesterday) and marvel at the excellent piece of work. I am looking for a bedroom suite (not office furniture) that will suit my fancy. What we got now is really excellent - the mattress is nice and made of hardwood. It's the style and design that I don't really like because it doesn't allow a good cleaning of the botton of the furniture. You can't fit the vacuum cleaner head or broom. They were made too low on the ground.

There were bedroom suite styles that you can clean at the bottom but it's the bed that has a problem (well for me, that is). The bed isn't flat rather hollow with a provisor for the cushion to fit in. Do you know what the problem in this type of bed? It is too hard to tuck the sheets in. It is either your hands will get caught under the bed or you can't make the bed neatly. Grrrr. Mcj reckon, if I would be this fussy on furnitures, it is better for us to make one or have it made to my likings. Lol.