16 May 2008

Still A Girl

Jens had been mistaken as a girl when he was very young. I thought it would not happen again now that he wears really boy-ish outfit and it can be seen clearly as he can stand up. I was wrong.

Jens was crawling around in the baby room at the mall and two ladies on their 50's came in with a tot in tow. One lady said to me, your child is very beautiful. Well, I didn't corrected her as Jens always gets that compliment even from folks we know. Anyway, I heard them talking and saying that Jens is a beautiful baby. Then before they left, they ask if he's a girl. OMg! Well, we just told her that he's a he and felt flattered.

I hope when Jens grow his hair long, he'll not be mistaken to be a girl anymore. Though, it doesn't hurt to be called beautiful. :)