25 May 2008

Time for Exercise (Please)

While waiting for Mcj to have dinner, Jens and I watched the telly and I did some exercises. Just simple stretching and resting of the back. The little boy found it real funny. By the look on his face, he wanted to join me. If only he can cycle his legs. And of course walk so I don't have to be looking after him. :)

I really need to have a rigorous exercise routine. Jens is getting heavier by the day and it is inevitable not to carry him as there are really times that he wants to be cuddled especially if he had just waken up. I need to have more strength on my arms and legs to be able to hold him longer. Plus, I get back aches sometimes. Not that there's a need of fitness equipment. Just more time in a day (please) so I could fit-in the routine. Though, the morning and afternoon walks are doing me wonder (for now).