11 May 2008
A Trip To The Shop
Though Mcj isn't feeling good today, I managed to drag him to the shop. I was planning to shop tomorrow but he will be busy. I could go on Monday as he has a dental appointment at a clinic which happens to be soo close to the shop but because it is very early, I won't go.

One of his gifts for me for Mother's Day was a gift check and MIL also gave me a voucher of the same store. And all I just wanted were new bedsheets including quilt coverset (next year it would be something grand like laptop.lol) and that store has a discount on manchester.

I got my gift and a lot more. It always happens. I go to the shop with a shopping list but I am always tempted to buy something else or more. This time they were good buys as they were for my one-and-a-half-men.

Jens didn't get an afternoon sleep but wasn't whiney at all. Because of course, he was either busy eating some fruit/biscuit or the tags on the clothes. He had his first taste of fast food junk food - french fries - and he loved it. He chomped it real quick but was only hiding the bits and pieces in his cheeks.

He went to sleep on the way home and my heart just went to him as I woke him up from his car seat but he went back to sleep right away in my arms amidst the slamming of the door and the tv.
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