09 May 2008

Weekend Sickness

It's Friday and Mcj is showing signs of getting sick. His tooth was aching on and off for two days now and he has a bloated tummy right now. MIL said that we should contact the dentist to ask for a script of antibiotics now. You see, the Daddy always gets sick on weekends.

Last Easter was the worst. Being a long weekend, the afterhour doctor didn't get to see him until 9PM after us ringing around 5PM. It wasn't an emergency and if it was we were advised to go straight to the hospital, but antibiotics were urgently needed then to stop the inflamation. You just can't buy a simple antibiotics over-the-counter. Medical services are of its highest class here, I couldn't complain but at times these, it would be nice to air ambulance services available. As an ambulance service, it just doesn't cater to emergency situations but non-emergencies as well in a 24 hour call.

Well, Mcj got a very early dental appointment on Monday morning. I just hope he won't he would feel alright until then.