08 May 2008

The Who? :)

We went for a long drive yesterday to pick-up some meat from the butcher (the meat were priced as wholesale and they were way cheaper than in the local shops). Mcj played the Who music and at first, I thought the music was familiar. I didn't realize that they were CSI's sound tracks until the second track was on the air. Then, CSI Miami with it's beaches, luxury yatch and apartments; CSI New York with the high rise, glitters at night; and CSI with vegas hotels, casinos, desserts; came flashing in my mind.

We love watching CSIs that even Jens can relate to the music.

I didn't know the singers then and Mcj said, it was the WHO. They were one of the leading rock and roll band in the 60s and 70s. Mcj has a cassette tape of one of their album (their might be more if I check his collections). It's a shame that we have cassette player only in the car so I can't play it always. :)


Sunshine4Life said...

sis, i love some of their music too. :)

Princess of CJ said...

that's nice sis. something that we have in common. :)