03 June 2008

Enjoying the Playtent

The Tatapilla now loves playing in/with his tent. Sometimes he would stay inside, other times just peeked in to pick up some toys or most of the time just went in and out at another opening. :)

Look at his toys! He plays with anything, plastic bottle and dish, a box of tissue, anything. He'll make fun out of it. Talking of contented and creative kid. :)

I just mended this book and put it inside the tent. He went in right away to check it. It has a button that when you press, Henry Horse neighs.


Liza said...

hehe, he's so cute! akala mo big boy na at marunong magbasa ;)

thanks sa visit. happy thursday :)

a simple life

Princess of CJ said...

@ liza, yep sis. he really thought he can read. hehehe.

happy friday :)

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