12 June 2008

Funny Face

This one I have yet to capture in photos. But I can't wait so I am talking about it now.

Jens has this trick when he wants something to get his message across. He would sort of like whinge while his eyes tight shut.

Tonight, he wanted to eat some of our dessert (cakes) and he pulled that trick. The next thing he did was smile while doing the eyes trick. Then I told him to do the funny face while mimicking him. And he did it! I just taught him twice.

All night, he kissed Mcj and made the funny face after. Apart from me telling him to do the funny face and he did. He was indeed very funny. As usual, he made our day/night. We don't need the best acne treatment ever as we won't get any acne as we are stress-free. Thanks to the Tatapilla for making us laugh.