08 June 2008

New Tricks

Cleaning Motion

This is Jens copying his Dad getting rid of the sand that were emptied from his pockets. It might have been the noise that amuse him hence, he mimicked, but he was really quick to do the trick. He now cleans anything even when we don't tell him to.

Round and round
The lounge room is a very small place for the Tatapilla. When playing, it wouldn't take long for him to notice the ceiling fan. He would point at it and make a circling motion with his index finger or his whole hands. First the fan then the clock... then anything now goes round and round.

Twinkling stars
It started when he was playing with something sticky in his hands - squishing it. I thought, maybe he could do the "twinkle twinkle little star" action, so I taught him three nights ago and he picked it up in a snap. He doesn't do it much often as the "round and round" motion but he would do it with his routine of tricks when he tries to con me not to send him off to sleep.

Playing with clothes
Anything close by would be a toy for him. Clothes would be waved in the air, more like swatting flies. The hat could not stay on his head longer than one minute. We were supposed to buy him eyeglasses (sunglasses, of course) two weeks ago - he really looked cool in them, but with him snatching everything from his head/face, it wasn't practical at his age. Maybe, when he can stand not to get rid of them.